Color Palettes of 2010

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Every year Sherwin-Williams Paints publishes their forecast for the top color trends of the year, they base their prediction on the trends for the the hottest colors and design trends from the year before. Last your for 2009, Sherwin Williams selected bold palettes where toned-down and have gray undertones.  Below are the four color palettes for the 2010.

1.) ROOTED: mystery, enduring, natural

In today’s complicated world, there’s something deeply satisfying about re-exploring the world’s oldest, most enduring cultures. African, Aboriginal and Native American influences are uniting to create an invigorating tribal style. Try incorporating these rich and earthy “Rooted” colors into your design scheme to add a hint of mystery.

2.) TREASURED: aging, layers, artisan

From flea-market finds to artisan-made pieces, imperfections lend rich character to our environments. This “Treasured” palette reflects the beauty of natural aging, mellowing and weathering, evoking quality materials that have stood the test of time and become heirlooms.

3.) SIMPLIFIED: translucent, structure, sophisticated

Less is clearly the new more. But the aesthetic is artful rather than austere, with well-tailored lines and sheer, translucent materials that reveal shape and structure. This collection of hues is calm, subtle and nuanced, with undertones that shift according to their surroundings, for easy, and “Simplified” versatility.

4.) REFRESHED: exuberant, fresh, optimism

Happy spaces are here again, bringing fresh florals, bright juicy colors and exuberant combinations. It’s the kaleidoscopic spirit of the ’60s married to the jewel tones of the ’80s, that will leave the room and its inhabitants feeling “Refreshed” and alive.

Take a look at the color in your home, is it on trend with the 2010 color palettes.  Remember you can always add in accessories like flower arrangements, area rugs and picture frames to update your home decor.

Images: Sherwin Williams 2010 Color Forecast

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