Three Ways to Use Accent Rugs

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There many ways to use an accent rug in your home, we have listed three ways to make a statement with an accent rug.

1. Use an accent rug to add more color to a room.  If you have a room that is all one color, find a rug that sets-off the whole room.  Choose a color and a pattern that within the room’s color scheme.

Colony Rug Photographed by Jeff Allen

Seldom Scene Interiors - Photography Jeff Allen

2. An accent rug primary use could be to keep your flooring clean and clear.  Lay a rug by a doorway, so visitors can wipe their feet before entering your home.  This is a functional and can still add a touch of color and help the overall visual appearance of your room.

3. Use accent rugs on hard surfaces like hardwood, concrete or tile floors.  An accent rug can break things up and add a look of comfort to the room.

Colony Rug- Jeff Allen Photography

Seldom Scene Interiors- Jeff Allen Photography

Remember these are just suggestions for accents rugs; there are many uses for accent rugs in your home.  Of course you can always come up with your own creative ideas to decorate your home, or consult with a professional designer.  Find more inspirations on John James RugBlog.

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