Advantages Of Wool Rugs

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Wool rugs are traditional and natural rugs that have been around for thousands of years.    Wool’s naturally strong fibers are durable and resist stains. While wool is one of the more expensive rug choices, it is more durable than synthetic fibers and naturally resists crushing from footsteps and furniture. Wool area rugs if cared for can last for over 30 years. Many antique rugs you’ll find are woven with wool fibers. Also wool rugs and carpets act as installation, due to its naturally wavy shape the format which allows for air pockets, regulating room temperature and reducing energy bills.   Below is a list of some more advantages of wool carpets and in the sprite of full disclosure some disadvantages too.


  • High customer acceptance
  • Pleasing hand
  • Resilient
  • Styling versatility
  • Frame resistant
  • Low “apparent soiling”


  • Expensive
  • High static charge
  • Allergenic for some
  • Variable quality
  • Available only in staple
  • Low abrasion resistance

For more help selecting carpet types or deciding what time of fiber is best for your home, contact a representative at Colony Rug for help.

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  1. I believe that every household should have wool rugs too. As they are great to touch and at the same time gives warmth to your homes.


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