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A knot count refers to how many knots there are in a rug– contrary to popular belief, knot count doesn’t contribute to the actual strength of the rug. It will be strong either way, but it will only be slightly stronger if it has a high knot count.  The knot count only determines how long it takes to weave a rug.  One of our favorite rug designer blogs, Dabbieri Blog, discussed the knots and what they mean to the consumer.

What knots CAN do is provide evidence as to whether a rug is handmade or not.  If you can’t see the knots on the back, it’s probably not handmade.  If it is handmade, the knots you see will likely be quite uneven.

While you’re back there, check for the quality of your rug.  A good rule of thumb is: on a rug of finer quality, the design will show through more clearly on the back.

Peruse the Dabbieri Collection of area rugs if you’re looking for quality craftsmanship.  From the Vindhya collection with 80 knots, to the Lhotse line consisting of 100 and 150 knots, these rugs are “knot” messing around!

If you are still in need of help contact a representative from Colony Rug to help you determine the quality of a rug.

Photo: Dabbieri Blog


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