Sound Off: Wool vs. Nylon Carpet

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Selecting a new carpet for your home can be tricky, there are so many carpeting options.  The two most popular carpeting options are wool and nylon.  While they appear to be similar they actually differ very much in price and quality.  Read through and let us know which carpet you would want in your home.

Wool is a more expansive carpet option; a good wool carpet could range in price from $45 – $100 per yard.  Wool is a traditional choice because its natural strength for resisting stains and wears better over time.  Wool carpets and rugs and look soft and feels rich; wool is plush and makes good barber and frieze carpets. Go to our earlier post the Advantages Of Wool Rug to learn more about wool carpeting.

Wool Carpet Samples

Nylon is slightly less expensive than wool, nylon carpets prices start around $22 per yard, and is not as soft as wool, but at half the price, nylon conceals and resists stains well in high traffic areas.  Check through the other advantages purchasing a nylon carpet.

Nylon Carpet Samples

Nylon Fiber Facts:

  • Yarn-forming substance of any long-chain, synthetic polyamide having recurring amide groups as an integral part of the polymer chain
  • Offered as BCF or staple, both used for commercial application
  • Sold as a solution-dyed yarn
  • Accounts for 65% of all face fibers in carpet products

Fiber Advantages:

  • Good bulk and cover
  • Good crush resistance
  • Long wearing
  • Clear colors
  • Range of dye depths
  • Excellent luster range
  • Good performance, even at low weights
  • Good soil resistance
  • Responds we to cleaning

High cost

Now that you have had a chance to review the pros and cons of both wool and nylon carpets, let us know what you think.  Do you already own a wool or nylon rug, share your experience. We can’t wait to hear from you!


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