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Are you looking to shake things up, and bring new life new into your living room?  Try adding variety to your room without painting or buying new furniture, but by experimenting with different textures.

Using a variety of different textures can transform a dull, boring interior into an eye pleasing design. Just like adding color, adding texture to your flooring can make a vast difference to the appearance and feel of your room. Since carpeting ranges in style from traditional to contemporary, you’ll have plenty of choices.

If you are looking at new carpets it might be helpful to know what you’re looking at and what makes each carpet texture different.

Loop Pile

Looped yarn creates a coarser, more contemporary, wool-like look suitable for a variety of styles. Good for disguising dirt, footprints and vacuum marks. Ideal for high traffic areas.

Level Loop
Created with loops of yarn evenly woven into the carpet backing. The higher the loop, the more luxurious the appearance.

Multi-Level Loop
Features loops varying in height for an extra textured appearance.

Cut and Loop
A combination of cut and looped fibers create a sculpted, patterned effect.

Cut Pile

A best-seller for its luxurious feel and versatility, cut pile carpet features yarns that are cut across and stand straight up.

Soft and level. Ideal for lower-traffic formal areas such as dining rooms, living rooms and master bedrooms.

Lightly twisted yarns offer softness with enhanced durability. Appropriate for both formal and informal areas.

Tightly twisted yarn creates a multi-colored look that disguises footprints and vacuum tracks. Supple feel makes it popular for informal areas like family rooms and bedrooms.

Tightly twisted short fibers boost durability for high-traffic informal areas.


Ever-growing in popularity, Berbers are extremely versatile in style and especially suitable for more casual settings.

Loop Pile
Tight loop texture, excellent for high-traffic areas. Can be constructed to add sculpting or patterns.

Cut Pile
Offers the feel of dense cut pile carpet with added durability.

If you would like to add textured carpeting to your home, try out a few sample pieces and see how they feel and fit in the room.  If you need assistance contact a representative at Colony Rug.

Thanks to Dabbieri Collection online for the texture descriptions.

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