Polyester Vs. Acrylic Fibers

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While surfing the net we found the web, we can across interior designers Debbie Wiener’s blog and we couldn’t help but to stop and read an article called “What are polyester carpet fibers? What are acrylic carpet fibers?” Yes it not the most exciting topic, but it was very informative, especially if you are planning to purchase a new carpet anytime soon.

[Polyester] Easy to clean and resistant to wear and stains, with a soft feel when used in thick, cut-pile textures. Polyester is not as hard wearing as nylon. It falls into the medium to high price range.
Acrylic carpet fibers are moisture and mildew resistant. When solution-dyed, meaning color is added during the fiber construction, it’s great for homes with chlorine traffic from swimming pools. Acrylic rugs can mat over time.

For more information about Polyester Fibers or Acrylic Fibers contact a representative at Colony Rug.

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