5 Reasons Carpets make Excellent Additions

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Wondering which floor covering is best for your home.  We think carpets are the best, but you might think we’re a little bias, so we went to reliable source to explain the benefits of carpets.  The Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI), an organization that believes in science-based research and a consumer advocacy for better quality carpets and environmental safety, listed the benefits of carpets and rugs.

  • Warmth & Comfort: Carpets provide actual thermal resistance.  In colder climates (like Massachusetts), carpets retain warm air longer, keep more heat in inside and conserving energy too. Carpets also provide a comfy and soft place to sit and play, plus it feels better under you bare-feet.
  • Style: There are thousands of carpet styles, colors and textures to choose from. Include a carpet in your interior design because with some many choices it is easier to reflect personal style.
  • Cushions slips and falls:  Carpets provide cushion for our feet and reduce slips. And if you do fall carpets soften falls and minimize injures.
  • Reduce noise: Carpets absorb sounds, like those produced by televisions and surround systems. Carpets also function as a sound barrier between floors by helping to block noise between floors.   And carpet on stairs helps mask the sound of constant foot traffic.
  • Wears well:  If properly cleaned and maintained a carpet will retain its beauty for many years.


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