Luxury Indoor/Outdoor Pillow Just In Time for Summer

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Monday was the official kick of to Summer! And there is no better way to spend the summer then relaxing on your patio.  A new emerging trend in outdoor living is to bring the comfort and style of your living-room outdoors.  The Elaine Smith Collection of Outdoor Pillows are stunning, luxurious and weather resistant.
Elaine found textiles that were as lush as they were strong.  While designing the pillows, Elaine was inspired by her love of exotic locales and natural wonders.  She created the finest line of outdoor luxury pillows that can stand up to whatever Mother Nature throw at them.  The collection features rick colors and lavish details as well as, stain resistant, fade resistant and weather resistant.
Check out Elaine Smith’s Inconceivable Outdoor Collections for yourself.


This magnificent arid region, known as the ‘Endless Plains’ is home to some of nature’s most beautiful creatures and some of earth’s most awe-inspiring surprises.


Deep in the maze of merchant corridors within the largest souks, treasures in golden hues and Persian paisleys invite the eyes and fingertips.


Warm summer winds filling ivory sails, the water lapping against the inlet shore, and the day’s fresh catch arriving on the docks.


A glorious cloud forest where raindrops cultivate the lush palms that host exotic dragonflies and butterflies on their branches.

Photo: Elaine Smith

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