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There should be no surprise when we say that we love area rugs! The Creative Girl Blog, seems to share our infinity for area rugs and shared a few rules for incorporating area rugs into your home décor.

Area Rugs: For me there are a few rules of thumb when I am using an area rug with a sofa, I set the sofa so at least the front legs are on the rug. It is my preference to never have the entire sofa on the rug, if it is, it usually means the rug is too big. An area rug should work as an “anchor” to the furniture in the room, especially if your furniture is floating in the middle of the space. By having each piece connected to each other on the rug you create a cohesive unit. This will also encourage a conversation space. When choosing a rug take into consideration how you will be using the space. Do you have kids who love to sit on the floor and play video games if so you would want a plush rug so it is comfortable for them (think shag!). If you never see yourself sitting on the floor and just plan to use it for an aesthetic purpose and to create a grouping you could go with something a bit more “flat” as in a sisal or woven cotton rug. Color will also play into the selection, as we talked about in stage 1. If you have selected your big pieces to be of a neutral pattern/color the rug will be the perfect opportunity to bring in a fun pattern or just a pop of color!

Let check out some examples!

A basic sisal or “flat” Cotton Striped Rug.

Neutral furniture and a bold rug creates a focal point.

What do you think about these area rugs?

Photo: Creative Girl Blog

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