Working With Contemporary Area Rugs

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Contemporary rugs tend to be clean with geometric and/or linear patterns and have a defined look. The Dabbieri blog offered some great advice on how to make a “décor fashion statement” with contemporary area rugs.

Contemporary rugs are clean rugs with geometric or linear patterns and a sharp, defined look. Contemporary rugs do not feature floral or paisley patterns and they are not usually perfectly symmetrical. Some rugs on the market today are able to infuse traditional designs and still maintain the status of contemporary, but these are actually an entirely different category called transitional rugs.

Overall, contemporary rugs tend to be very décor friendly – at least much more so than traditional rugs which can be very difficult to match. Most contemporary rugs give off a natural vibe, as opposed to an overly formal aura. Plus, contemporary rugs come in a variety of materials, both natural and synthetic. Some are even made from bamboo fibers!

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Photo: The Dabbieri Collection

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