A Shedding Situation

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Have you ever noticed the fluffing or fuzzing that occurs after a carpet is installed?  This is called Shedding, is when the fibers or yarn of a carpet surface begin to loosen or twist causing fibers to slip out of the yarn bundle, either in service or wet cleaning.  Shedding is not a defect, but rather a characteristic of all new carpet, especially cut piles and wools.  It is caused by short fibers within the pile that work loose during service.

To reduce shedding follow these simple steps:

The first thing to do to reduce a shedding problem is examine the quality of the rug and ask questions about the fibers when you are making a purchase. To reduce the shedding when you bring your new rug home:

  • Vacuum your rug daily for the first 10 days after bringing it home. Be sure to have the height lever of your vacuum set to High as some powerful vacuums might actually damage pile, especially on hand-tufted rugs. Don’t rush the process. Move the vacuum slowly to allow the suction to pull out loose piles.
  • Wipe your shoes well before entering the house. The sands stuck at the bottom of your shoes can get into the pile and as people walk over the rug, these sands act like sandpaper and break the pile, which adds to shedding.
  • Vacuum your rugs at least twice a week after the initial daily vacuuming.

For more information it is always best to check with the manufacturer for care requirements, or ask a professional at Colony Rug.

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