Design Chat With Interior Designer Anita Clark – Part 1

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One of our favorite designers, Anita Clark of Anita Clark Design took the time to speak with us about her design inspiration, her predictions for the interior design trends and provided us with insight into her design process.

What is you background/education in design & how long have you been in the design industry?

I am a graduate of the University of Texas in Austin and have over twenty- five years of residential, hospitality and corporate design experience. After working for a prominent interior design firm in Dallas, Texas, I relocated to Boston in 1987 to work with one of the premier hospitality design firm that specialized in five star hotels. I established my own company in 1993, and work with a great team of designers.  Our focus is on higher end residential and corporate interior / architectural design, as well as project management.

What are the biggest interior design trends, i.e. wallpaper, colors, patterns?  Any predictions for the future?

I believe that most good designers recognize that classic and enduring design principals will always be in style and that while “vogue” design is chic, society will return to the basics – especially in challenging economic times. Houses will be smaller with more efficient floor plans. Finishes will be simpler, and ease of maintenance will be key.

Anita Clark blue room with tan sisal carpet

Photo via Anita Clark Design

Where do you look for design inspirations, i.e. favorite magazines, etc.?

I first look to my client’s lifestyle and surroundings for design inspiration. My design philosophy is to capture the style and environment of my client’s likes and dislikes balanced with my own discernment.  I look for timeless, classic design over trendy fads.  Magazine photos are always a valuable asset used to illustrate conceptual ideas.  New England Home, House Beautiful, Traditional Home are all excellent resources and among my favorite publications.

What are your favorite interior paint colors for key areas in a home?

Paint makes a difference in any room, so it’s important to match the correct color and shade to surrounding light environment. Typically, I will use cool and clean colors in the private areas such as bedrooms and bathrooms with warmer tones in kitchen and living spaces.  Benjamin Moore Classic Colors and C2 offer a great selection of color palettes due to their hue, value and intensity.

Check back later this week for Part 2 of our discussion with Anita Clark.

Anita Clark services the greater Boston area, including; North Shore, Metro West, Cape Cod and other locations across New England. Contact Anita at and connect on Facebook.

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