Design Chat With Interior Designer Anita Clark – Part 2

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When starting a new space, do you chose the flooring/rug first or the furniture and fabrics?

It depends on the existing conditions. Sometimes client’s have their own rugs or furnishings and want to work with some or all of what they have. When starting from an open plan, I will start with a spatial design, traffic flow and furniture layout.  I will then evaluate the lighting and use of the space to establish a desired color pattern.  From there I will assemble a selection of compatible fabrics, carpet and finish samples that work together.  The final selections are based on a collective assessment; in some cases I’ll find a carpet that dictates the fabric, and visa versa.

What are the biggest regrets clients have once they have completed a project?

The biggest regret is that they did not involve a designer earlier on in the process.  In many instances, I’ve been brought in to modify or make corrections to a project or installation that did not function or work as intended.  These are usually costly mistakes that should not have happened and were likely not fully visualized.

Anita Clark Design Kitchen with red area rugs

Photo via Anita Clark Design

What is the one thing clients seem to overlook/misjudge when budgeting a project?

I think clients often have unrealistic expectations for a project.  They want the best quality, at the best price, in the shortest amount of time.  You can have two, but rarely all three.  You can have the best quality at the best price, but usually have to be patient.  You can get it done quickly and on a budget, but at the expense of quality.  You can get quality and timing, but you’ll pay for it. Too often, clients are told what they want to hear (and hear what they want).  I would prefer my clients know the truth up front as opposed to being disappointed in the end.

Given the state of the economy, where are client’s most budget conscious and are they compromising on quality for price?

My experience is that no matter what the economic outlook is my client’s want value.  They may prefer to scale back or forego portions of a project rather than compromise on value and quality.   They trust my recommendations and know that I continually keep their budget, schedule and above all best interest at the forefront of every decision we collectively make on a project.

What do you like most about Colony Rug’s products/services?

Colony Rug has the largest selection that I have seen in one showroom.  They have provided any product I’ve ever specified or wanted for my projects. They have very competitive, pricing, provide exceptional customer service and dependable installation. With their comprehensive resources and expertise, I am reassured having Colony Rug as my primary source for area rugs and wall to wall carpet requirements.

Anita Clark services the greater Boston area, including; North Shore, Metro West, Cape Cod and other locations across New England. Contact Anita at and connect on Facebook.

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