The Evolution Of Hand Knotted Rugs

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A recent article that appeared in Rug News titled “Hand Knotted Rugs Become More Exclusive” reviewed the rug industry and trend of hand knotted rugs.

As we enter the second decade of the century, it has become more and more apparent that hand knotted rugs from India – and what had been other major rug producing countries as well such as Pakistan and China – are being produced by fewer and fewer manufacturers. It is a fact that the advent of the attitude “cheaper rugs faster” has had a blatant impact in the hand knotted industry. The result is obvious. The true works of art that have been knotted by hand for centuries are being shoved to the side by imitations – less expensive “renditions” if you will – and fewer hand knots will be woven and available to the buying public.


The article continues to discuss the evolution of “hand knotted” rugs industry and focuses on the distinction of quality and cost. Click here to read the entire article.

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