Getting To Know Interior Designer Jennifer Bardsley – Part 2

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Our chat with Hingham, Ma based interior designer, Jennifer Bardsley was so much fun and very interesting. In the final part of our discussion Jennifer Bardsley shares her design inspirations and lets us in on upcoming trends in interior design.

Where do you look for design inspirations, i.e. favorite magazines, etc.?
For me design inspirations  come from industry resources such as Design Seminars, Boston Design Center showrooms and events, as well as books, magazines, and personal observation of color, textures and patterns found in my travels and in everyday life.

What are your favorite interior paint colors for key areas in a home?
Paint colors that are pleasing and sophisticated set the tone for a comfortable home.  I tend to stay away from mass marketed colors and prefer architectural tones that invoke light and dark hues, rather than a specific saturated color.  These color palettes are chosen to co-exist with the rooms scale and lighting providing luminous interiors. A couple of my favorites which work in family spaces are Donald Kaufman color DKC49 (a soft putty color), and DKC10 (a pale grey-green), DKC9 (wonderful neutral that doesn’t read creamy or beige, it is perfectly in between), Pratt & Lambert’s creamy Rivera Sand and light and soft Pearl Tint.

What are the biggest interior design trends, i.e. wallpaper, colors, patterns?  Any predictions for the future?

Eco-awareness continues to reign as a major consideration in interior design.  Design trends continue in the use of natural products such as wood, stone and tile.  Furniture appears in tailored forms with elegant lines and
are mixed with antiques or pieces with a modern twist.  Gray is the new beige and can be couple with a spectrum of tones and colors.  Color forecast includes soft reds, blues in tones reflecting the Mediterranean and green
covering a range from light to dark.  Iridescent, pearlescent surfaces are more places than ever from fabrics to wallpaper to tile.   Wallpaper has reemerged in new, exciting and innovative patterns.  Soft, textured fabrics
and short, shag pile carpets offer a comfortable environment.   Geometric patterns are still in vogue but are revealing softer lines.  As design changes and trends are introduced now and in the future, people will use them according to their comfort level.  It will be all about the mix and how one combines individual elements to newly acquired pieces.

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