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We have enjoyed working and getting to know Jennifer, she’s got a great attitude and an amazing talent for interior design. We love her approach to design, Jennifer focuses of the needs of her clients so that every room reflects the client’s personality and lifestyle.  Read through Jennifer’s thoughts on the design process and check back soon for Jennifer’s Q & A addressing design inspirations and trends.

What is your background/education in design & how long have you been in the design industry?
Jennifer Bardsley Interior Design was established in 1985.  I was a Marketing major at Bryant University and gained a design background from the Interior Design program at Rhode Island School of Design.  I have been an ASID member since 1997.

What are the biggest regrets clients have once they have completed project?
The biggest regret is that they didn’t do it sooner!

What is the one thing clients seem to overlook/misjudge when budgeting a project?
Quality hardware including interior and exterior doorknobs and hinges, drawer and cabinet pulls (you can feel the difference!) plus well-constructed faucets for kitchen and bathroom use.  Good lighting design inside and out, sensitive to proportion and scale.

What do you like most about Colony Rug’s products/services?
Colony Rug offers a well-balanced range of carpeting for every room in the home or workplace.  Quality is never an issue, they are careful to carry a wide selection of rugs along with well-constructed padding, suitable for all areas.  In addition their shop features exceptional custom rugs and beautiful Orientals.   The store is incredibly organized with staff always available for advice, making it easy to pull samples for your project.  You leave feeling confident in your selection armed with the necessary product knowledge for each application. Measuring and installation are unsurpassed with well thought out planning and detail going into each and every job.  This family owned business is successful due to years of passion and dedication.    It is a pleasure working (if you can call it that!) with
such a fun group.

When starting a new space, do you chose the flooring/rug first or the furniture and fabrics?
I find when planning a space if it is decided a pattern will play into the design, the piece with the pattern is easier to select first.  The pattern will dictate the colors you will introduce into the room and the scale to look for in other fabrics or flooring/rug should you want to add additional patterns (such as geometrics, stripes…).  If it is a monochromatic space you can choose any of the three items first and work from there.

Given the state of the economy, where are client’s most budget conscious and are they compromising on quality for price?
No, I do not find clients are compromising on quality for price.  I find, it anything, they will wait to get the quality they want.

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Check back soon for more of our Q&A with Jennifer.

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