Liven Up Your Wall-To-Wall Carpeting

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Many American homes have wall-to-wall carpeting because of its functionality, but carpeting makes it difficult to change your décor throughout the seasons, and to update your interior design. Many times it can seem as though your design options are limited with wall-to-wall carpets. We suggest layering area rugs over the carpet, it is simple and adds color, depth and texture to your interior design.
Try layering rugs in your home:

  1. Use an area rug to anchor a room. For example you can anchor a dining spot, living room seating area or at the end of the bed.
  2. Pick an area rug with a strong pattern, color variations, or textures that pick up on other elements already present in your decor. It will take the focus off the expanse of carpet, just make sure it’s really an area rug, don’t try to pass off a bath mat as an area rug, that will only draw more attention to the carpet.
  3. Use multiple rugs in the same room to define separate spaces. The key is using the right type of area rug; most cotton rugs will bunch up even with a rug pad, so go for sturdier natural fibers like sisal or seagrass, or thicker rugs with rubber backing that will add traction.

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Photo: Apartment Therapy

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