The Many Benefits Of Wall to Wall Carpeting

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Choosing wall to wall carpeting is one of the most important interior design decisions that a homeowner can make. Carpeting is stylish and available in a wide variety of colors, patterns, textures and fibers, so that it can be applied to just about any design scheme.

Besides the design and visual appeal of carpeting, it also offers many other great benefits to home interiors:

  • Wall-to-carpeting with a high quality under-padding helps soundproof and insulate rooms. The fibers absorb sounds and minimize noise “bleeding” between rooms. This is perfect for home theaters or children’s room.
  • Carpets act as cushioning, it is easier for toddlers and elderly people to walk on, plus it lessens the impact of falls and reduces injury.
  • Carpet fibers make a home more energy efficient, the fibers retain warm air longer which will reduce a home heating bill. Plus carpeting feels warmer under your feet than other flooring options, which is a great benefit in New England during the winter months.

Additional most carpeting is easy to maintenance with weekly vacuuming and steam cleaning once a year.  If you are looking for a durable carpet that is able to stand up to commercial use or maybe just kids we recommend a berber carpet. Berber’s tightly woven fibers make it extremely durable, comfortable and low maintenance.

Contact Colony Rug for more assistance selecting a carpet for your home.

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