New High-Fashion Rugs from Missoni

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From the runway to Hollywood, Missoni is known for its high-fashion geometric patterned and bold colored men’s and women’s apparel and accessories.

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Now the fashion house has entered the home fabrics arena, bringing the same cutting-edge looks to residential interiors. We just received these new Missoni rug designs we think you will love:

Missoni “Lucca” Rug

“Lucca” is a nylon product that comes in a 12ft. width. Both patterns are striking for a nylon stripe. At first sight, we immediately thought they were wool. The pink stripe is extremely vibrant and fun, yet not juvenile. The contrasting brown pattern tends to lean towards the masculine yet isn’t limited to just those “manly” spaces. Because it’s 100% nylon, you can use these rugs anywhere in the home.

Missoni “Turin” Rug

“Turin” is a wool rug that comes in a 12 ft. width and a stunningly different stripe than what we have seen. It reminds us of an old wool blanket, but with a modern twist. There is nothing old about this chic repeating stripe pattern! The neutral colors and the shades within each pattern diminish a true stripe appearance. Though this rug could work anywhere in the home, we could definitely see it on a staircase or in a family room.

Contact Colony Rug in Hanover, Mass., to purchase Missoni rugs.

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