New Rugs Just Arrived at Colony Rug

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Two new sample styles have just arrived at Colony Rug in Hanover, Mass. They are 100% wool and are manufactured in a 13.02 ft. width. They are Wilton construction and best used in non-traffic areas in the home. The pictures do not do them justice in terms of their colors and textures! Here are some details on each:

Louis A. Dabbieri-style “Pagina”

This lager scale geometric pattern is very sophisticated (especially in the neutrals) and looks almost almost three-dimensional in texture and scale.

Louis A. Dabbieri– style “Paga”

This more traditional smaller-scale pattern has a tight, woven appearance but truly reads with more detail when up-close and personal. It may appear to come across as almost a pin-dot but truly is richer in both texture and definition.

As mentioned, due to it’s Wilton construction, the application of this product is, unfortunately, limited. They are best used in formal living spaces (living rooms, bedrooms , etc.).

Could you or would you use any of these products in your home? Let us know by leaving a comment.

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