5 Amazing Properties of Wool Carpet

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Do you know why wool carpet is superior to synthetic carpet? Just Shorn New Zealand Wool is getting the word out about all the amazing properties of its sustainably produced wool to raise awareness about the benefits of wool carpet, including facts such as:

  1. Wool is flame-retardant because its natural nitrogen content makes it difficult to ignite.
  2. Wool improves air quality and health by removing pollutants from the environment and temporarily trapping dust and allergens within its fibers until it can be vacuumed up.
  3. Wool is water-repellant due to its outer cell structure and the natural lanolin oil that remains on cleaned wool, which causes water to bead rather than soak the fibers when spills occur.
  4. Wool is a good insulator and can help make your home more energy-efficient by helping to reduce heating and cooling costs.
  5. Wool’s cell structure is spiral-shaped, allowing it to bend and flex while still retaining its shape.

These are just a few of the reasons wool carpet is worth the investment! Contact Colony Rug for more information about Just Shorn New Zealand wool.

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