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Balance is key to the harmony of vertical and horizontal stripes in this carpet.

A staircase can be more than one route to another. See how Colony Rug made these staircases captivating home accents using stripes.

Our first example on the left pairs vertical and horizontal elements for an eye-catching design. The vertical bands are wider and farther apart, in contrast to the tightness of the  black horizontal stripes. The design avoids looking “busy” by differentiating the spacing and width of the stripes used. The stair rods enhance the sophistication of the design.

Add a splash of color to your staircase!

In our second design, the light neutral tone of the wood provides the perfect backdrop for this vibrant carpet. By pairing the colors on this rug (rose and pink, brown and tan, white and gray) the colors transition smoothly and no color overpowers the others. The vertical stripes play with the eye as they change direction on the spiral staircase.

In the image below, simplicity is key in this two tone design. The crimson stripe on the beige carpet unites the colors found in the wall paint and artwork.

Simplistic beauty is timeless in this carpet.

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