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In ever increasing numbers, designers and their clients are searching for that one perfect rug to give their decorating project the ideal finishing touch.  As a result, our custom area rug workroom is a daily beehive of activity.  Whether you’re looking for a light and airy pattern, or you need that elusive color that can’t be found in a traditional rug, we can create a totally custom product for you in a limitless number of sizes, shapes, and designs.

And that’s where Colony Rug’s own Shane Furtado steps into the spotlight.

As a part of the Colony Rug family for 13 years, Shane’s skill and expertise has allowed us to create special and unique rugs that go beyond the typical products featured in all of the catalogues.  High profile design and architectural firms up and down the east coast have been thrilled to have Shane turn their vision into a reality.  If the finest of rugs are actually artwork for the floor, then Furtado is our own Michelangelo right here in Hanover MA!

Shane’s skills are not only appreciated by our own clients, but many of the highest of the high end carpet manufacturers have turned to Shane for problem solving.  Whether their own fabricator made an error, or if a customer from another region of the country botched their task, carpet mills have sent their “problem rugs” to Shane to turn an expensive nightmare into a sweet dream.

As part of a united effort, Shane Furtado’s hard earned skills have been facilitated by the assistance of the Colony Rug ownership.  The custom rug fabrication workroom is stocked with all of the critical tools and supplies needed to handle even the most complex designs that might be thrown our way.  The Colony Rug attention to detail and desire to give all of our clients exactly what they want is exemplified by the caring excellence of Shane’s craftsmanship.

Whatever you might want for your floors, please remember that Colony Rug is always here for wall to wall installations, magnificent imported rugs, and of course to let us help you create your own one-of-a-kind signature look for under foot.

For more information on our services please visit us online at Colonyrug.com.

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