Heavenly Stars

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Exclusive to Colony Rug

Nautical, celestial, or patriotic?

Colony Rug’s custom made star designs elicit a different reaction from different people, but what they all have in common is that special “Wow!” factor.  While the vibe that one gets when first viewing these proprietary patterns may vary, it’s certain the Colony Star Collection is unique to the carpet industry.

Most designers and homeowners see these magnificent blue and white creations as having a nautical feel, particularly when combined into an area rug with the matching rope border.  Colony teamed up with a leading national carpet manufacturer to create their own custom deep blue and cream white three color star pattern in a needlepoint wilton construction.  The look was so striking that this supplier added the pattern to their national product offering, but left the blue and white as Colony’s own singular combination.  Brisk sales for Colony led to the addition of a cut pile woven construction with the same matching rope border, and recently the family of stars was expanded to include a stunning white field with blue stars needlepoint carpet.

The significant investment by Colony Rug to create and inventory these beautiful carpets has allowed their clientele to create incredible “statement” rooms which have been featured in numerous high end publications both regionally and nationally. Employing these stars in a home design has helped make superstars of many design professionals all around the country.

So please feel free to view our one-of-a-kind collection of stars on our web site, or request sample swatches.  Colony Rug can ship your products anywhere across the U.S. and even abroad.  So whether you want an elegant wall to wall installation, or a custom designed area rug, our Colony Stars will give you a signature style for your decorating project…and be prepared to hear the “Wows”!

Exclusive to Colony Rug

Exclusive to Colony Rug

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