A Quick Lesson in Area Rug History

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Area rugs are known to lay beautiful and intricate foundations for home and business interiors as well as exteriors. But how many people have stopped to consider the beginnings of area rugs?

According to the World Floor Coverings Association, it is suspected that the very first area rugs were made of lion skins that served double duty as beds. Gradually, the art of grass weaving evolved, then sheep’s wool was used to cushion area rugs.

It wasn’t until about 2000 BC that area rugs were produced in great numbers. This occurred in Asia, but it was Persia who transformed rug making into an art form. The practice spread to Europe, Spain and China by 1200 AD.

Today, area rugs are extremely versatile. Some are still hand-crafted while others can be produced using digital and computerized methods to perfect color, pattern and placement. To find out more about Colony Rug’s custom carpet and rug selections, call us at 800-458-4445.

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