Sustainable, LEED Certified Products Available at Colony Rug Company

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As sustainable design becomes a more pressing issue, many homeowners, builders, and interior designers are working together to create homes that are thoroughly green and sustainable. Many choose to do this through the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design green building certification system, better known as LEED.

The LEED system promotes sustainable building and development strategies through a series of rating systems in which various key areas are given points based on how they meet the standard requirements in each area. The amount of points accrued in each area helps to determine whether or not a building achieves LEED certification. Many architects, builders, and designers, such as Paulette O’Connell, are LEED certified, which enables them to help homeowners create homes that are energy and water efficient, while also making them safer and healthier, too.

Here at Colony Rug Company, we are proud to do our part by including products that meet LEED certification standards in our inventory. One of our mills that is well-known for its LEED products is Bloomsburg Carpet Mills. Environmental awareness is at the core of Bloomsburg Carpet Mills, and the company uses sustainable and renewable materials to create floor coverings that are both beautiful and resilient.

Caravan Tweed is a 100% wool carpet that is considered to be green by Bloomsburg Carpet Mills.

If you are building a home to meet the standards set forth by LEED, or just want to make your current home a more sustainable place to live, consider adding products that meet LEED certification standards like those from Bloomsburg Carpet Mills. You can find them here at Colony Rug Company, located at 195 Columbia Road on Route 53 in Hanover, MA.

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