Shagarific Baby!

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To quote that great international man of mystery Austin Powers, “Shagariffic baby!”

It seems that classic shag style carpets have come back in a big way.  But unlike last time, you won’t see those garish green-red-rust color combinations.  Today’s shags have all the wild plush luxury of their forbears, but in creams and silvers and even subtle two tone heathers.  Some of the highest end carpet manufacturers have jumped into the shag market in a big way, with one adding fully 53 sku’s to their collection of  more conservative needlepoint and flatweave patterns.

This is definitely a fun and quirky look, one that is sure to be a statement in any home, whether it’s in a custom designed area rug or a wall to wall installation.  Sink your toes into the soft pile when you rise in the morning, or flop on to it in front of the fireplace on a cold winter’s evening.  This new “retro chic” look is certain to be a big hit as we head into 2012.  Please come in to see our newest collection at Colony Rug…we know you won’t be able to resist exclaiming, “Groovy, baby!”.

Pamela Copeman Design Group


Even Miss Lily our Colony Rug Mascot loves shag ….

By Stan the Carpet Man

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