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The photos in this post may be of carpeting, but this really is a post about relationships. Our longtime client Seldom Scene Interiors came to us with Schumacher carpet sample that their client fell in love with and wanted to use throughout their Stowe, VT home. As luck would have it, that carpet had been discontinued. However, instead of disappointing the client we were able to work with Langhorne Carpet Mill to create a custom carpet that replicated this discontinued item. We submitted the original carpet sample along with custom colors selected by Seldom Scene Interiors and then Langhorne re- produced the carpet to their specifications.

Not only did Langhorne successfully create this custom carpet, they did so under tight time constraints. In order to finish the project in time for installation Langhorne adjusted their weaving schedule and even had craftsmen come in over the weekend to work on the project. The carpet was shipped on Monday, Colony Rug received it on Tuesday and our installers drove up to Vermont on Wednesday night so they were ready to install early Thursday morning and finish up on late Friday afternoon. This tight schedule kept the design project on track so Seldom Scene Interiors could have the home fully stylized in-time for their clients.

We were happy to have such strong relationships with both the design team and the carpet mill so in the end we all had a satisfied client. We work hard on establishing strong relationships with our vendors and clients so it is exciting when we are able to all work together and have such a successful outcome. After all the real beauty of a small business is the ability to be nimble and react to the needs of our clients.

Here is the project from carpet sample to finished product.


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