Luxurious Carpet by Michael Smith

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California designer Michael Smith is known for his impeccably styled interiors. His exquisite design sense reaches well beyond the homes he designs for is clients with product lines he has created for various luxury companies. Mr. Smith has designed a line of tile for Ann Sacks, plumbing fixtures for Kallista and a carpet line for Rosecore Carpet to name a few. So, even if you may not be lucky enough to have Michael Smith design your home you can enjoy his work none the less.


What I do is the most fun thing in the world,” says interior decorator Michael S. Smith. “I have the opportunity to embrace my love of history and look at beauty all the time.” Even more than aesthetics, what interests the California-based talent – whose recent projects include a makeover of the Oval Office – is the psychological aspect of design. “I am obsessed with figuring out what is personal and organic to the clients,” he says. “I want to know their eccentricities and their individual culture.” At the same time, he understands that a home must reflect its location; it’s decorating meets its social anthropology – Architectural Digest


A sample of photos from Michael Smith’s Portfolio.




Michael Smith’s Fez carpet line for Rosecore Carpet, a division of Stanton Carpet exemplifies Michael’s classic style.


Michael Smith’s line  for Rosecore Carpet, a division of Stanton Carpet is available  at Colony Rug in Hanover, Massachusetts.

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