Why Wool? The Benefits of Wool Carpet

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Many of our customers want to know their options for quality carpet material. Wool is often recommended because of it is long wearing and naturally beautiful. We carry wool carpets from an extensive list of vendors including Just Shorn, Langhorne Carpet, Hibernia Carpet Mill and many more.

Here are some of the benefits of wool carpet:


  • Naturally Flame Retardant – Wool’s nitrogen content makes it difficult to ignite and thus it is considered naturally flame retardant. Also wool does not melt when it burns nor does it emit harmful gasses like synthetic carpets.


  • Hypoallergenic – Wool carpet is sought after by allergy suffers, people with asthma and those with chemical sensitivities. Wool does not emit harmful gasses and wool fibers trap dust and pollutants until they are vacuumed up.


  • Water Repellant – Sheep secrete lanolin on wool fibers which stays on the wool through the cleaning process. This means that liquid will form tiny droplets instead of soaking into a wool carpet. Therefore, spills are easy to handle.


  • Natural Insulator – Wool is a great insulator so it will help reduce your energy costs.


  • Strength – Wools chemical structure gives the fiber great strength and flexibility. So the fiber can be stretched or compressed and then easily revert to its original shape. This means that wool carpets look great for a long time.


  • Environmentally sound – Wool is a renewable resource and naturally bio-degradable.
  • Value – While wool carpet can be more expensive than synthetic counterparts, wool’s quality means it is long lasting so you won’t have to replace your carpet as soon as you would with synthetic materials.


Please visit the Colony Rug Showroom in Hanover Massachusetts to see our extensive wool rug and carpet collection.




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