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We have a large roster of quality manufacturers including Bloomsburg Carpet. Bloomsburg Carpet is crafted right here in the USA in a mill in Bloomsburg, PA. The mill machinery allows Bloomsburg to produce a wide range of stock designs as well as custom crafted carpets. The mill has been in operation for over 35 years thanks to a commitment to quality construction and premium materials.

A variety of looms and materials allow Bloomsburg to create a variety of styles. Imagine the possibilities for your custom carpet design.

  • The axminster carpet is produced on a jacquard loom which creates cut pile carpets with an unlimited scope of pattern design and up to 12 colors.
  • The wilton carpet is also manufactured on a jacquard loom which offers design flexibility. With the addition of wires, the wilton loom can have various pile options including level or multilevel piles, cut and/or cut and loop.
  • The velvet loom uses a wire system that allows for a wide variety of texture & color effects that can be produced with loop and/or cut pile of varying heights.

      (Bloomsburg Carpets)

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