Caring for your Natural Fiber Rug

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Rugs made of natural fibers like sisal, jute, coir and seagrass continue to be popular choices for homeowners. These natural fibers are beautiful floor coverings that provide a neutral backdrop to your furnishings and accessories while adding wonderful textures.

Natural fiber rugs may experience some “sprouting” after installation. Sprouting occurs when small fibers stick up from the rug. This is a natural characteristic of these handcrafted rugs and the sprouting will diminish over time. Just as wool rugs or synthetic rugs shed after installation the jute rug will sprout.

No need to worry about sprouting –  a few snips of the scissor will remedy the situation. You just need to clip the fibers that are sticking up with a scissor and the sprouting will be eliminated.

Merida - Examples of rug sprouting

Please call Colony Rug regarding care and maintenance of your natural wool, sisal, jute, coir or seagrass rugs.


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