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We love to work with Merida since they are headquartered right here in Massachusetts. Their facility is helped to breathe new life into Fall River which is a town with a rich textile history. Merida is considered one of the leading manufacturers of environmentally friendly natural fiber rugs. Their designs feature renewable materials such as abaca, seagrass, jute, paper, sisal and wool. These materials tread lightly on the environment and help to create a healthy home for the people who live with these rugs since there is no chemical off-gassing.

Here are some energetic floral patterns selected from Merida’s flat-woven viewpoint collection. These fresh and dynamic patterns are a perfect example of Merida’s sophisticated styling. Imagine how these rugs could bring life to a room in your home!

This collection is more than just good looking,  it is hard wearing as well. The rugs are made from 100% New Zealand wool with a synthetic warp for extra durability.







The Viewpoint Collection is available in custom colors so you if you don’t see a colorway that works for your project, you can create your own! Please contact Colony Rug for more information about Merida.

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