The Low Down on Selecting Basement Carpeting

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The days of basements being used to store athletic equipment and holiday decorations are over. Today homeowners want to make use of every inch of their house and don’t want to deal with dark dank spaces that they are afraid to venture down to!

A carpet is the key ingredient to transforming a basement into a welcoming and functional room. When you are selecting carpeting for you basement take some time to consider how the space will function. If you are using your basement as a toy room or teen hangout you want to select a carpet made with fibers and weaves that will stand up to the inevitable dirt and spills such as a flat woven polypropylene carpets. On the other hand, if you are creating a media room or “man cave” set aside for grownups it is possible to select a wool carpet that feels more luxurious.

Another factor to consider when choosing carpet for your basement is whether or not the basement is subject to dampness. If there is occasional moisture in the basement you should definitely avoid wool and jute backed products due to the potential for mold growth.


If you would like to update your basement with new carpeting, stop by the Colony Rug showroom in Hanover, Massachusetts. You can view our full selection of carpeting suitable for your basement and every other room  in your home.

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