Mark Brunetz Discusses Luxury Design at Summit 12

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Mark Brunetz

We had a great time last week attending the International Design Guild Summit 12 in Las Vegas. It is always energizing to meet with other people in the floor covering field. The summit featured talks by some many notable people in the design industry including Interior Designer and Professional Organizer Mark Brunetz.

Mark shared with the group his thoughts of working in the field of interior design in a world dominated by HGTV and other “home improvement” channels. How does a designer set client’s expectations regarding the length of a project and budget when television depicts a room coming together in 30 minutes? Or, how does a designer value and price their services when there are endless opportunities to purchase furniture on the web?

It was a great talk and certainly got many of the attendees thinking of the challenges of their business and creative ways to approach working with clients.


Mark expressed his ideas on luxury design in an interview for the  International Design Guild Newsletter – here is an excerpt:

What, in your opinion takes a design from everyday to luxury?

Craftsmanship, originality and a employing a certain level of restraint.

A high level of craftsmanship is imperative when it comes to evoking luxury in any space. The skill of an artisan and the quality of materials utilized are the difference between an item that looks mass produced and one that is a true masterpiece. The finished product should not only look good, it should feel good.

Second, a luxurious room always includes a statement piece; a one-of-a-kind object that’s as original as the client. It should tell a story that’s personal and interesting.

Lastly, people today have a tendency to overdo and affluent clients can be equally as guilty. I’ve learned when to say when so that there’s less to see and more to appreciate.  When it comes to interiors, it’s about quality of living not quantity.

What is your favorite way to add luxurious style and organization to a home?

Include multi-functional, standard foundation pieces in every room.  I love using furnishings that are visually stunning yet organizationally accommodating.  Two high boy dressers flanking a living room fireplace are perfect for storing seasonal throws, magazines or extra candles whereas a vintage shirt trunk can effortlessly accommodate a martini on top and a chess board inside.  Stylish and multi-functional, these staple pieces adapt to today’s need for eye-catching organization.


What do you think takes a design from everyday to luxury? Please leave a comment and let us know!

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