Runners are a perfect decorative and practical product for any hallway or stairs!

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Love to watch celebrities on the red carpet? How about having your own red carpet (or any color) runner in your home!? But, unlike their plain red runner, we have a variety of colors, sizes and patterns to dress up any space.  Runners are perfect for any hallway to eliminate echo and buffer sound. They also serve as a great protector for hardwood floors.


Baktiari Wool runner 2’6″x10′
Agra Grey/Ivory Runner 2’6″x10′
Tibetan Leopard Tan/Cream Runner 2’6″x10′
Zuna Green Runner 2’6″x8′

We also carry a new product called “Curl Stop” which is great for runners. They easily attach to each corner of the runner to keep it from curling up and getting damaged. They also add weight to the corners to keep the runner from slipping on hardwood floors.

Curl Stop product on a runner

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