What’s your Style? “Stand Out” or “Blend In”?

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When it comes to creating a first impression with carpet you have two choices – “Stand Out” or “Blend In”. Both approaches have positive attributes – it all depends on what type of style statement you want your home to make. These are two distinct styles that we found to be the trend in Las Vegas at the annual flooring convention, Surfaces 2012.

Do you want your home to “Stand Out” from the crowd? Perhaps you should go for a dramatic carpet that really let’s people know that your not going to play it safe. Bright colors and/or dramatic prints create drama and impact.

If you are the type that would prefer your carpet to “Blend In” try one of our carpets in soft gray, lilac, golden beige or taupe. These understated colors and patterns are a soft base for an all-neutral color scheme. Perhaps this neutral broadloom is a quiet jumping off point for a more colorful decorating mix.



What is your point of view on carpet – “Stand Out” or “Blend In”? Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts.

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