Alexa Hampton’s Tips for Selecting an Area Rug

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The Wall St. Journal recently published a great article written Alexa Hampton. Ms. Hampton dished out her guidelines for choosing an area rug. Her ideas were right on target so we thought they were worth sharing.

Here is a summary of her advice on selecting the size and shape of an area rug:

  • Go with a square or a rectangular area rug. Round rugs, trapezoids and other irregular shapes become more about the shape and not about the rug’s color and texture.
  • Show some of the flooring underneath. If the flooring underneath the rug is in good condition you should let some of it show beyond the edge of the rug.
  • Think about the room’s traffic pattern when you determine the size of a rug. Where will people be walking? You need to decide if the walkways will be covered with the rug or not.
  • Hampton recommends having some of the furniture half-on and half-off the rug. This will tie the room together.

You can read the entire article by Alexa Hampton here.


This area rug from Colony Rug is the carpet style, Ciambella from The Louis Dabbieri Collection. Take note on how this rug meets all Alexa Hampton’s area rug guidelines.


Colony Rug Company, Inc.

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