Designers Tips for Using Area Rugs and Carpet

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The May issue of  House Beautiful features 101 Designer Secrets. Quite a few of the tips are related to carpet and area rugs which we wanted to share with our readers.  Of course, one designers guideline might be completely different from another, but it is interesting to read what designers have learned over the years.

 “Rugs: the bigger the better . Nothing shrinks a room faster than a tiny “postage stamp” at the seating area. Best rule of thumb: Keep 12″ of wood showing around the perimeter.”                                                          – Mary Foley and Michael Cox

“A simple sisal rug in natural or gray is the best way to make a room look clean and elegant.”                        – James Huniford

“Leather Carpet borders always make a room richer.” – Campion Platt

“Measure the depth of your dressers, desks and other furniture before purchasing a rug. The rug should stop before the furniture in most cases.” – Angie Hranowsky

“A dining room rug should extend a minimum of 3′ from the edge of a dining table-dining chairs should always be fully on the rug-not two legs on and two off.” – Ginger Brewton

You can read more designer tips in the May issue of House Beautiful.

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