Questions to ask Prior to a Carpet Installation

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Once you have selected your carpet style, a staff member will come out to your home to provide a site measure to determine the amount of goods needed for the install.  This is the time to take a few minutes to review the details of the project so you and the scheduled installation crew are clear about expectations. Time spent prior to the installation will help ensure that there are no surprises when the installation is complete.  Below are 5 questions that Colony Rug installer, Justin Johnson, always makes sure have been addressed prior to starting any job.

1. What am I required to move before installation? Make sure you are clear on what furniture and objects you are expected to clear from the room. This should be discussed when you purchase the carpet or when you receive a call to schedule the installation.

2. How is my subfloor? Does it need additional work? When the carpet company comes to measure your room confirm that the subfloor is solid and ready for carpet.

3. May I verify you have the correct carpet? Seems so rudimentary but you certainly want to make sure that the installation team is in fact installing exactly what you ordered.

4. Will my doors have enough clearance after installation? Confirm that you will be able to open and close your doors once the new carpet is installed.

5. Do I have any options for seam placement? The installers should show you exactly where they are placing seams so there are no surprises when the installation is completed.

6. Do you need us out of the area you are working on? Confirm what areas of your home you should avoid when the carpet is being installed.

7. What type of vacuum should I use? It is a smart idea to review your vacuum type and proper vacuum settings with the installation team.
Colony Rug Company is happy to discuss any installation questions you may have. Please give us a call at 800.458.4445 with your questions or even review our extensive installation gallery on our website.

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