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We’ve been seeing a trend at Colony Rug that has struck us as really quite interesting. This trend is the increasingly large size of area rugs. Traditionally area rugs covered a small part of a room usually grounding a seating area. This left plenty of room for showing off those beautiful hardwood floors we New Englanders favor.

These days it seems that are rugs just keep getting larger and larger and they often cover the majority of the room. The style now is to cover all but a small area of the floor. The effect is almost like wall to wall carpet … but not quite. Designers are often having us fabricate area rugs that very carefully mimic all the angles of a room. For example, we often fabricate an area rug that fits approximately¬† 3-4″ of the floor showing while we work our way around the room’s fireplace, bump outs and different angles. This style of area rug style requires careful measurement and planning but the result looks thoughtful and custom.

Here are a few great examples of designers who used extra-large area rugs in their room designs to great effect.

Tobi Fairley in House Beautiful

Custom fabricated area rug by Colony Rug

Interior Design by Shawn Henderson

Custom cut-to-fit and fabricated on site area rug by Colony Rug

What do you think of this trend? Leave us a comment and let us know! Call or stop by Colony Rug to see about having a super-sized area rug cut-to-fit and fabricated to get this custom look in your home!

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