Handcrafted Woodard and Greenstein Rugs

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Woodward Weave rugs from the venerable NY company, Woodard & Greenstein, have been a popular choice for designers and homeowners since 1981. The rugs are hand-made traditional style rugs based upon classic American designs. Interestingly, these handmade rugs are created using age-old weaving techniques in India! We certainly live in a global economy.

India is also where Woodard & Greenstein’s hand made hooked rugs are crafted. Here are some photos of the painstaking processes from the Woodard & Greenstein blog. It certainly makes you appreciate all the skill and hard work that goes into creating these products.

Hand died yarns ready to be made into woven or hooked rugs. You really get a strong sense of the handcrafted nature of the materials when you see them prior to being crafted into the final product.







Two of the processes involved to create Woodward Weave rugs

A classic Woodard & Greenstein  stair runner installed by Colony Rug! (Image featured in the March/April issue of New England Home)

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