Oops! – Dealing with Pet Stains

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dash and albert rug

Dash & Albert

We all love our animals but they can present a challenge when they are puppies or kitties in training. Don’t worry –  a pet accident doesn’t mean your carpet is ruined  Just follow these simple steps to take care of life’s little accidents:


  • Act fast – the sooner you treat the stain the better the chance of complete elimination
  • Scoop and blot – don’t rub any of the stain into the rug
  • Clean the area with warm water and a detergent solution using one quart of warm water and one teaspoon of mild non-bleach laundry detergent
  • Next apply a solution of two tablespoons white vinegar mixed with a quart of water to neutralize odor
  • Blot up all excess moisture to avoid mold growing beneath the damp carpet.
  • Once the area is completely dry, vacuum to refresh fibers.


We work with and highly recommend The Clean Team located in Kingston, MA for any type of rug cleaning!

If you have any questions about stain removal or carpet maintenance for your carpet or area rugs purchased at Colony Rug just give us a call and we will be happy to help you.


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