Part 2- Custom Hand Knotted Area Rugs

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Creating custom made rugs can take months, and local designer Sandra Tuthill is on her way to having two one-of-a-kind rugs of the perfect size and colors made for her client’s breakfast room & living room for their new summer home! Sandy started this process with us by selecting two existing custom carpet samples and then we shipped both the samples and some of her fabric swatches that will be used in the spaces directly to our importer, Noreen Seabrook. Then, many computer renderings of the proposed new rugs were created using her fabrics and colors.

Sandy chose the best ones and since then, the importer has sent us two new hand-knotted custom samples which will be presented to the client for approval! As you can see, the new samples are drastically different. The colors match the fabrics much nicer than the first ones did. For the first one, they actually took almost the exact motif on one of her fabrics and brought it into the rug! After the approval of the client,they will then proceed with the large area rugs. If all goes well, we anticipate receiving the finished rugs by late March/early April 2013!

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