Is Using a Rug in the Kitchen Pretty or Practical?

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Have you ever been flipping through your favorite interior design magazine and noticed a gorgeous rug gracing the floor of the kitchen? We have and we must admit that it looks impeccable each and every time. But while placing an intricate oriental rug right in the middle of your kitchen is pretty, is it also the practical thing to do?

There’s no denying the fact that it will bring color into the space, liven things up a bit and serve as the perfect anchor. But the concern is what happens once you start cooking? Or when your kids decide to make themselves a snack and spill sticky, grape jelly on it? Placing an oriental rug in a kitchen setting is extremely durable and forgiving with children as well as messy cooks.  Typically, the busy patterns and colors hide all kinds of sins and can easily be cleaned and made to look like new.  Adding a colorful rug is a great way to add color and design to one of the most busy places in a home.

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