Colony Rug’s Holiday Entertaining Tips!

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The holidays are just around the corner & families are busy preparing their homes for hosting the holidays or welcoming children home for winter break. Entry ways and mudrooms take a lot of wear in the winter season with wet boots and shovels going in and out.  A great way to protect your floors is with an area rug or runner.  A nice durable texture is always recommended, as well as whimsical seasonal motif always adds a bit of fun to any space.

Holiday Sled Wool Runner

As holiday cheer is being enjoyed there is always the inevitable accident that occurs.  For your rug or upholstery cleaning, we carry & recommend ForceField Cleaner to help remove tough stains & spills. ForceField Cleaner is great to spot clean fabrics and carpet fibers and leaves a protective treatment on the surface.  Remember, always blot and never rub a stain on either your carpet or upholstery fabrics.  Rubbing will only set the stain further and distort the fibers.  If you’ve experienced a major accident on your rug that is beyond spot cleaning, please contact your local professional rug cleaner for the proper service.  Lastly, be sure to place an extra mat underneath your tree stand when setting it up.  Tree water can be very destructive to any fiber as well as your hard wood floor.   

ForceField Cleaner

Another flooring issue that is always of concern are area rugs or runners that tend to shift or curl up at the corners causing a tripping hazard. We can solve both issues by supplying a new pad and/or our Colony Curl Stops. It is important to always have the proper pad for all types of area rugs.  A pad not only helps to keep the area rug in place but will also help with the longevity of the area rug.  Corners of flat woven rugs and thin rag rugs have a tendency to curl over time due to heavy traffic.  Obtaining the proper pad will help with this issue as well as adhering a set of our Colony Curl Stops to each corner.  The strong plastic helps to add weight to each corner thus helping the rug to lie flat.

Colony Curl Stops

Come in to see all that we have to offer for your holiday entertaining needs and browse through our fashionable variety of area rugs for the holiday season or browse our extensive website!  Unable to come for a visit, simply contact us and we can wrap and ship all of our items anywhere in the U.S.




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