Post Holiday Clean Up!

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With kids home from college and families visiting for the holidays some accidents are sure to happen.


You may not notice spills until all the guest leave and your cleaning up, but be sure you are cleaning up with the correct products to not ruin or discolor your carpet or rugs. Here are a few tips for your holiday clean up!

Did red wine spill?

You may think it will never come out of carpet but these three simple steps will help to get it out. Start with an absorbent powder such as salt or another moisture absorber. Add cold water to clean cloth and blot the stain. Finally use a detergent solution to remove the rest of the stain. For any other alcoholic beverage only a detergent solution is necessary.

Or was soda spilled and left unnoticed?

Add cold water, blot the stain and add a detergent solution. 

Was gravy or another sauce spilled in the kitchen?

Use warm water to blot the stain, add a detergent solution and followed by a dry spot remover if necessary.

If you have a stain that your unable to remove yourself you can stop in or have it picked up and we will provide cleaning through The Clean Team in Kingston.

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