Stair rods create an elegant classic look!

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Before                                                                                             After


In the before image, the client had a simple, gray cut-pile carpet installed on their staircase. Not only did the new carpet transform the look, but the stair rods added a classic feel. The look of stairs is important; it is one of the first things guests will see welcoming them into the home.

In the past, carpet was always used on stairs for safety and practicality. Stair rods were often added to keep the carpet in place. With our installation expertise, we no longer need rods to keep the carpet in place, but they remain popular for decorative purposes. They are a classic look but more modern styles have developed over the years. Zoroufy is a family owned and operated company and is now the largest stair rod manufacturer in the world. They offer unique and timeless stair rods in a variety of sizes and finishes as well as simple or elegant finials.


Come in to see the entire Zoroufy collection!

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