Wiltons Go Modern!

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Needlepoint wilton woven carpets are generally acknowledged as the most beautiful of all broadloom carpets.  Their precise yarn placements give a clarity to the pattern which is unmatched in axminsters and tufted products.  The stunning look of a wilton loop design makes it desirable for any and all areas of the home.

In the past five years, wiltons have come a long way in their construction and performance properties.  In the past, designers and carpet dealers were hesitant to use them in busier parts of the house.  However, the manufacturing sector of our industry has started to get creative to make wiltons more durable so that they’ll keep their original appearance longer.

Many wiltons now feature blends of wool and nylon, or wool and P.E.T. polyester.  While wool remains the finest of all carpet fibers, by adding some of these high quality synthetic yarns the finished product tends to show significantly less fuzzing and pilling.  This is especially true in the first few weeks and months after installation.  Additionally, while older wiltons were fairly easy to snag and pull, newer wiltons loops are being made to resist pulling and haver a higher binding capacity than in the past.

So, should you install a needlepoint wilton on your stairs?  It’s important to know your own home and how each space is used.  Just like you’d prefer to have your teenage football players falling on to a $500 Bob’s couch instead of a $5000 Ethan Allen sofa, you’d prefer a tougher and grittier carpet if you have lots of kids and lots of pets in your home.  While no carpet of any type, from any mill, has a wear warranty for stair installations, you can feel comfortable putting a wilton here if the traffic is moderate and not abusive.  Heavy pounding feet going up the stairs will definitely shorten any carpet’s life span there, particularly on the stair nosing.  But in the absence of this type of foot traffic, a wilton can look magnificent on stairs, in hallways, and anywhere else that calls out for beautiful design.  For the cat lovers, remember that a wilton makes a terrific horizontal scratching post…you might want to consider other alternatives!

Wiltons are gorgeous, and are tougher than they used to be.  But they are not a commercial grade carpet and should not be expected to perform as such.  So just know your home and it’s requirements, and the folks at Colony Rug will help you to find the most beautiful as well as practical carpet for your unique living space.


“Oblo” Wilton installed on a client’s staircase


“Asiana” Wilton Fabricated into an area rug for a client’s living room

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